Software Engineering Branch

Software engineering is an important offshoot of computer engineering, concerned with all types of software production. Essentially software engineers design, test, develop, evaluate and maintain user programs and applications. A very common type of software engineers are app developers and game developers. Game and app development is a very new type of software engineering so many that has this occupation is often very young. In game development there are many different subdisciplines, for example console game development, web game development, Facebook game development and online casino game development.

Develop Casino Games

To develop a casino game or digital slot machine it is very important that you master both programming, math and statistics. The probabilities and randomness can be really hard to master if you don’t have a solid education. In New Zealand pokies, or slot games, are popular. A lot of reviewed pokies can be found at along with gaming guides.

Casino app development

There are three types of games that are very common in the online gambling area. First off is the online slot game, it is basically a one armed bandit that is simulated on a digital screen. Other types of games are online Poker for example, then there is a multiplayer component where people can play against each other. In online Poker systems it is also very important to detect poker-bots (poker players that are controlled by a computer program). The way to do this is to do complicated pattern recognition and behavioural analysis.

Web engineering

The internet or World Wide Web is a complex communication and information processing system, as such, the maintenance and constant improvement of web applications and systems is vital. A highly sophisticated system requires a great amount of software engineering specializing in this subdiscipline.

Cryptographic engineering

Cryptographic engineers (read this blog) use cryptography, which is essentially the coding used to protect information, to solve common data problems, authenticate identity and information, and ensure confidentiality during data transfer. This is incredibly important to ensure security on the internet, particularly concerning the transfer of funds through websites such as gambling or betting websites, where large amounts can be transferred to and from the customer.

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