Interdisciplinary field – Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering concerning the foundation and management of systems aiming to satisfy the needs of customers and the public through ensuring reliability and functionality throughout the entire life cycle of the system. Many techniques, tools, strategies and procedures are applied in order to integrate all aspects of complex systems are considered and accounted for.

Various subdisciplines and fields are tightly linked with systems engineered. Some of the main subdisciplines are listed and briefly outlined below:

  • Safety engineering
  • Security engineering
  • Reliability engineering
  • Proposal engineering
  • Cognitive systems engineering
  • Control engineering

Safety engineering

This field is concerned with the recognition and mitigation of safety hazards within developed system processes, and these specialists work closely with risk management teams to minimize the probability of safety failures.

Security engineering

Security engineering is another interdisciplinary field dealing with the reliability of control systems, particularly in regards to user authentication and the security of network systems. Online security is a very important aspect of everything from online gambling to online banking.

Reliability engineering

Reliability engineering can be applied to all features of a system and focuses on the prediction of possible failures within a system, and ensure maximum reliability and maintainability of systems over their life cycle.

Proposal engineering

Proposal engineering deals with the use of mathematical and scientific practices to create systems with a higher level of efficiency. These engineers create and revisit proposals to improve system processes.

Cognitive systems engineering

This subfield is concerned with the analysis of how humans interact with systems and specifically focuses on the cognitive and social aspects of human comprehensive interact with system processes.

Control engineering

Control engineering is interdisciplinary and is essentially the development of the controlling guidance aspects of all systems, machines, and processes. Engineers are continuously working towards the further automation (the function of systems without the need for human interaction) of systems to increase overall efficiency.

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