Interdisciplinary field – Aerospace Engineering

Due to the various disciplines, subdisciplines, fields, and subfields of engineering, and abundance of information regarding these subjects, we cannot cover everything on this site. This page will provide an overview of one of the more interesting interdisciplinary fields, aerospace engineering.

Aerospace engineering is the primary engineering discipline concerned with spacecraft and aircraft and incorporates avionic, aeronautical, and astrological engineering. Commonly referred to as rocket sciences, these fields are constantly in the public view as some of the most exciting and interesting aspects of engineering, and for good reason. Humans have always dreamed of flight, and of exploring the unknown, these are some of the connecting aspirations of humanity with the ability to bring people together over the prospects or reaching previously unattainable achievements for mankind.

Avionics engineering

Avionics engineering deals with the development and application of electronic systems for the performance of aircraft, spacecraft, and artificial satellites. Systems and processes utilized for these purposes include monitoring, navigation, communications, flight control systems, weather systems, flight management systems, collision avoidance systems, and black boxes.

Aeronautical engineering

Cooperating closely with avionic and aerospace engineers, these engineers focus on the development and testing of aircraft to ensure the safe functionality of these machines. Aeronautical engineering combines the knowledge of aeronautical science, aviation, rocketry, and aerodynamics whilst taking into account human variables, navigation, safety, and operations. Born from the stepping stones of wooden planes and air balloons, aeronautics is now a worldwide industry, constantly evolving and advancing technologies for greater efficiency.

Astrological engineering

Arguably the most exciting and popular field of study within aerospace engineering, astrological engineering focuses on propelling spacecraft beyond earth’s atmosphere and attempting to navigate them through space. Both the theory and practice of this concept is incredibly complicated and requires meticulous testing and analysis. Engineers must take into account spacecraft design, spacecraft propulsion, aerodynamics, and space environment whilst developing spacecraft.

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