Chemical Engineering Branch

As with all engineers, chemical engineers solve problems, but in this field, they focus on the use of chemical processes and production in order to create various products. Utilizing principles of biology, psychics, mathematics and chemistry to further industrial techniques and enhance product development.

The discipline has a wide range of related topics under its belt but can be split into 5 main subdisciplines, each with their own specialties:

  • Materials engineering
  • Molecular engineering
  • Biomolecular engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Corrosion engineering

Materials engineering

Commonly known as materials science, this subdiscipline of chemical engineer focuses on the design, development, and discovery of new materials. As further advancements in technology can be limited but material resources, this study is important to aid future scientific breakthroughs. Some specialties include crystal, polymer, biomaterials, ceramic and metallurgical engineering.

Molecular engineering

Molecular engineering involves the testing of molecular behavior, attempting to alter molecular structure to improve materials for processes and systems. Similar to other engineering sectors, molecular science is interdisciplinary, borrowing and working with aspects of bio and mechanical engineering, materials science, chemistry, and physics.

Biomolecular engineering

Related to molecular engineering, the biomolecular sphere differs in its focus on manufacturing biological molecules (biomolecules). The subdiscipline directs its attention toward the application of molecular manipulation to further understand life sciences includes subjects like immunology and genetic engineering.

Process engineering

Process engineering is centered around the optimization of chemical engineering for industry purposes and is heavily involved in the paper, petroleum, textiles and plastics industries. Essentially, it studies the useful applications chemical engineering has to offer industrial production.

Corrosion engineering

As suggested by its name, corrosion engineering involves the application of scientific methods to designs materials and products to limit the natural corrosion of structures, materials, and systems and is a vital area of study to the branch of civil engineering.

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